our motif

A traditional textile repair technique adapted in the present day to highlight craft and timelessness

The darning stitch is a mending technique with a time honored history of longevity and craft by way of its usefulness for seamless repairs. Darning clothing is tedious but, if done properly, can totally rebuild the structure of a material while remaining invisible. There are many easier ways to mend. Only darning gifts invisibility. Inverting this principal to proudly showcase the technique of this stitch flips the underlying historical context on its head as well. The traditional idea of beauty, once exclusive to the wealthy by means of perfection and opulence, has now transitioned to a place much more human. Respect, humility, and empathy are the new signaling qualities. Beauty is humanity. Beauty is not pay to win.

how to add value

Our Approach

We are fully aware of the conventions of industry, we just choose to ignore them

Our work reflects the contemporary needs of the world, regardless of whether or not they adhere to a stubborn set of industry imposed “best practices”. Taking an outside in approach to creating products forces us to first consider the relationship they will have with the world they live in. Question everything. Let go of control. 

Our Philosophy

A philosophy measuring artistry by the net change in perceived value of an altered object

All materials are inherently valuable but not all human work creates value. Material value can be gained or lost depending on the quality and direction of the work that is added. Good materials can be formed into “bad” objects. And in the same way, bad objects can be reformed into “good” objects. We measure the success of our projects by the net change in perceived value to an object or material that we are working with. In this way we can better quantify the success of a design by the impact it makes rather than the commercial outcome.

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